About Us

Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Mexico, USD, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine. Our company supplied the raw materials and materials used in the production, from the local and foreign companies which are accepted at the global standards. Our company, which produces quality products with quality materials, has achieved customer satisfaction. We supply our products in the fastest way possible. We meet customer needs and expectations with years of experience and knowledge. Our company offers the best service without compromising its quality policies.

Our Vision

As a Turkish company, to provide the profitable and long term sustainable growth with its innovative products in the rapidly changing world; to be the brand leading the world's fashion in the fur - suede sector.

Our Mission

To keep the export in our production at a gradually rising acceleration,
To earn the confidence of our customers and to always provide the continuity of such confidence,
To continuously increase the customer satisfaction,
To eliminate and cancel out the error rate during the process of product formation, until the final inspection,
To place the emphasis on the personnel training, and to keep it at a continuously increasing rate,
To continuously increase the raw material efficiency.

Quality Policy and Certificates


Toprak Kurk; agrees and undertakes to provide its products to achieve and exceed the quality determined in the market, to perform the applications required by the quality management system in order to protect this quality and to fulfill the conditions of the customers, to determine the required quality targets in order to provide continuous customer satisfaction, to improve such continuously and to review, plan the compliance of the conditions, to make research on and to find the resources relevant to these, and to acquire the quality as the production vision of Toprak Kurk.


Our Policy of Environment

Toprak Kurk and its Suppliers define its target as to protect the natural environment and human health while producing quality products and service, and undertake the following with the principle that the environment and all humanity should be respected as based on the concept of quality:

  • To realize our activities in compliance with the laws, regulations and other relevant provisions on environment,
  • To decrease the electricity, fuel and water consumption by efficient utilization techniques and, by recycling methods to increase the beneficial lives of those which are recyclable,
  • To minimize the factors inside and outside the factory which might cause environmental pollution in order to increase the environmental awareness of all the employees and suppliers and to make continuous improvement works,
  • To keep under control, the quantity of all the wastes and their effects on the environment, and to provide reduction regarding this,
  • To plan and apply the measures to minimize the environmental damage in case of any accident or emergency case to arise as a result of its activities.
Our Policy of Environment